Hooray. Moshi Moshi are releasing an ep I made on 10″ vinyl on November the 11th. It’s called ‘Motorhome Songs’ and looks  like this.

That’s the song ‘Motoring Home’ playing in the widget. It’s available to download here for a only 75 pence

Even better you can pre-order the 10″ here and you will also receive an immediate download of the song.

In case you need more convincing. I’ve tried explaining the concept of the e.p below:

‘The idea of the EP was to write a soundtrack to a fictional road trip I made with my family earlier this summer.

It plots the journey from our home in Cardiff, leaving city life and the M4 behind (Traffic Report 1), hitting the open road (Motorhome) and travelling up country to Northumberland (Everything’s A1) for a well needed rest and holiday. The Beach at Bamburgh Castle was our ultimate destination ( You are the Best Beach that I Know) as I’d been told that it was a pretty spectacular place.

For the most part the journey went smoothly but it was not without a few minor bumps in the road (no pun intended).

For example, the less than neighbourly couple at Lakeside Caravan Park outside of Thirsk, A61, who took an instant dislike to the size and age of our van. (A Stand off with Those at Hook up No.8). Or when we came face to face with some unfriendly cows on the B1341 who didn’t take kindly to being beeped at to get out of the way. (Animals Crossing and Cross Animals). But we made it, in one piece and, it was, well, worth it. (You are the Best Beach that I Know).

The journey home (Traffic Report 2) initially felt long and was tinged with sadness (Lay Bye Bye) but, as we drove in to Wales, our spirits lifted as we realised it was OK to be home and were excited and ready for our next adventure (Motoring Home).

I imagined the road trip being broadcast as a BBC documentary from the late 70s, early 80s, like something Paul and Linda might do. A documentary scheduled between Tomorrow’s World and a Roger Moore Bond film. A documentary that wouldn’t get shown on TV anymore.

The music was recorded with this era in mind. Wings and the Traveling Wilburys were the main inspirations for the songs and the Radiophonic Workshop for the incidental music.

It’s not a crazy adventure, it’s a road trip to a beautiful place Britain. I’m 31 now and that’s what I like to do. ‘


It’s coming out to coincide with a November tour. Tickets are available here and if you buy now you’ll receive a free download of a concert I did at St Pancreas Church this summer just gone.